House of Wallquest

There is interesting news from our Upminster branch with the delivery of a set of 5 amazing wallpaper pattern books from Wallquest of America. produced and designed under the guiding hand of one of the worlds most exciting designers a young Englishman named Carl Robinson who left our shores 15 years ago in order to become design director of the House of Wallquest, based in Pennsylvania USA.

house of wallquest at paint and paper emporium

Using cutting edge technology called rotary screen printing the design content of this set of books is breathtaking in its scale and astonishing in its amazing design style and structure, with prices ranging from £80.00 to just over £1000.00 per role it is a must see collection for anybody who might be looking for sheer elegance and beauty to dress their walls in their property.

These wallpaper pattern books are a fantastic addition to our already impressive library of quality wallpapers available from design houses from around the world, why not pay us a visit at our Upminster Essex branch of Paint and Paper Emporium.