Choosing Colour

When choosing colour for any given area there are no strict rules that apply, but there are many factors you should consider before making a selection from the many varied colours on offer from the designer ranges that we stock at Paint and Paper Emporium.

The shape and direction of the room, as well as the most important ever changing lighting will play a major part in defining the colours that will seem pleasing to your eye. Some useful tips to consider are:

  • Consider the age, architecture and way the light permeates through your rooms in your home. Both soft and statement colours can be used together to create a pleasing environment.
  • Choose colours that create a flow of acceptable strengths, and hues that will live in harmony with the use of the room.
  • Choosing wallpapers and paints to coordinate with each other is a challenging task for even the most discerning of designers. In order to assist you in this difficult task, our team members are on hand to guide you through selections with colours cards, hand painted brush boards and tester pots of all our brands.

Our aim is to make your selection of colour a pleasing and successful experience.

You can pre-order and pre pay for paints over the phone: making collection from our store quick and easy.